git is decentralized. git is awesome.
why is everyone using a centralized server to host it?

dgit is git
with decentralized ownership and storage,
and no need to change your github workflow.

Try dgit now in a few simple steps

brew tap quorumcontrol/dgit && brew install dgit 

A quick install of dgit gets you started.
(Or this if you don't have homebrew.)
dgit init

Run init in each repo you want to make decentralized.
git push

Now use the git CLI just as you always have. Your repo has a decentralized, shareable git remote with all the advantages that brings.
No central server downtime.
No censorship.

How does dgit work?

dgit combines git with two decentralized services, Skynet (Sia) and the Tupelo DLT.

Skynet provides fast, decentralized storage via Sia.
dgit uses skynet to store the files that make up the git repos.

The Tupelo DLT provides trust and protects ownership, naming and basic identity.

By combining these tools you can maintain your existing workflows and preferred UI while gaining the benefits a decentralized mirror of your project provides.
Zero change to your workflow and
nothing to lose.
Reclaim your code. Try dgit now!
Runs on Unicorn Platform